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External User creation in Cognito


We have single sign on implemented for internal users, but we want to create external users programatically , not via console. Whats the best way to implement

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I understand that you want to implement a Single Sign On using Cognito for external Users programatically.

Programatically this can be implemented by any Framework of your choice. You can use the Amplify Framework using the attached document[1].

As a workaround, I have replicated the above statement using Angular Framework.

  • Create and configure a user pool on Amazon Cognito.
  • Create an Angular application.
  • Add the signin and signup pages in the Angular application.
  • Add the Angular application and validated the user's signup on Amazon Cognito.

I have attached a third party documentation [2][3] to programatically implement the above mentioned, you can also implement the above by React Framework[4].

I hope this helps






answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks, but we already have implemented single sign on, I was asking about EXTERNAL Users, who dont have single sign on.

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