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Cannot modify Postgres RDS instance class in us-east-1e


I am getting the below error when trying to change a Postgres RDS db.t2.small instance class in the us-east-1e availability zone to ANY/EVERY other instance class. I need to do this before PG 9.6 retires on 1/18/22 as current instance class is not supported for required upgrade.

I have read in post below that this could be a misconfiguration on AWS end. If not, when will capacity be added to us-east-1e?

We're sorry, your request to modify DB instance <INSTANCE NAME> has failed. Cannot modify the instance class because there are no instances of the requested class available in the current instance's availability zone. Please try your request again at a later time.

1 Answer

Can you please specify from what instance type are you changing and to what. This error simply means that the new the instance type that you requested in not available in that AZ ( due to capacity constraints or for some other reason) Your options are

  1. Keep trying after some time
  2. Try a different AZ.
answered 9 months ago

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