Stop RDS db.r6g.2xlarge charges after changing to Serverless V2


Hi, I am new to AWS. I set up an AWS Aurora database and my initial instance class was Memory optimized classes (includes r classes) - db.r6g.2xlarge. After three days, I realized my usage was too low and the instance class was too expensive. I, therefore, decided to change to Serverless V2 but my bill is still adding db.r6g.2xlarge charges. How can I stop these charges from accruing?

Kindly assist.

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Hi there!

It'd be best to open a case in the Support Center to have this investigated on an account level.

Please reach out to our Account and Billing Support team to review the charges linked to your db.r6g.2xlarge instance and also help confirm if this is still running and accruing any unintended charges.

You can use this link to quickly visit the Support Center:


  • Kraig E.
answered 24 days ago

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