SES refuses to send email from own domain even though domain and email address are verified + no sandbox



I have added my own domain (a namecheap domain) to AWS SES and created the CNAME records there about a week ago to use Easy DKIM. I added an email address within this domain, say, being the aforementioned domain. Both were successfully verified by AWS as it can be seen by the green checkmark: image

However, when I want to send an email from this domain via boto3, I get a MessageRejected error: "An error occurred (MessageRejected) when calling the SendEmail operation: Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region my-region: correct-arn-of-identity."

The region is correct and my account is not in the sandbox anymore. It works to send from an existing email address, eg

How can I send emails from my own domain?

Edit as requested, here is the relevant code: ses_client = boto3.client("ses")

response = ses_client.send_email(
        "ToAddresses": [
        "Subject": {"Data": subject, "Charset": "utf-8"},
        "Body": {
            "Text": {"Data": email_txt, "Charset": "utf-8"},
  • Can you share the code because the code implemented in boto3 may be incorrect?

  • I added some code. Please note that it works to send from an existing email address, eg

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It works if you use the domain identity's arn instead of the email identity's arn.

answered 2 years ago

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