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Can I connect a Sagemaker "Studio" instance to a private github repository?


I've successfully connected a Sagemaker "notebook" to a private github repository, but wondering if it isn't possible for a studio instance? Failing that is there an easy way to get the remote codecommit git url for an existing "studio" instance so that code there can at least be pulled to my local machine?

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Hi tansaku!

For sure, SageMaker Studio is integrated with Git, so you can connect to both your public and private repositories!

When you try to connect to a private repository, you will be asked to enter your username and password. Best practices here are to create a personal access token instead of using your password.

If you want to cache your credentials avoiding typing them each time you interact with the Github server, you can cache them or store them in the home folder with the following command run from the System Terminal:

$ git config --global git credential.helper [cache|store]

If you choose store to store your credentials, it will be written to the ~/.git-credentials file located in your home folder. The cache parameter stores credentials in memory and never on disk. It also accepts the --timeout <seconds> option, which changes the amount of time the daemon is kept running (default is "900" or 15 minutes).

Once it executes the command, the next time it pushes it will ask for the credentials and store them, after that it shouldn't ask again.

Hope this helps!

answered 2 months ago
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