R53 fails over to S3 redirected website. After the web service is restored, the normal website cannot be accessed, and the domain name access will still jump to the maintenance page.


May I ask how to solve this problem? My apache servers are placed in the east and west respectively, and ALB is set up. After monitoring two ALBs through the global accelerator to achieve load balancing, now I need to configure failover: when both servers are down, The domain name access jumps to the maintenance page. The method I use is to set an A record for the R53 hosting domain name, and the routing policy is failover to S3. S3 does not set a static site, because there is a maintenance page hosted by a third-party service provider, and it can be accessed normally. Therefore, the redirection to the maintenance page hosted by the third party is set, but the failover jumps over. After the web service is restored, it is still redirected to the maintenance page. It is necessary to clear the browser cache to access the site normally. Is there any way to use it as a web service? after normal access My third-party domain name service is bound to AWS Global Accelerator, and the ALB that AWS Global Accelerator listens to. Now the failover of R53 cannot go to the S3 static website. What's going on?

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If clearing the browser cache works then it's likely that the content expiry time is coming from S3 (either set explicitly or the default value). You can try to set the expiry duration to be lower by modifying the object metadata.

Check out this page - although it mostly talks to CloudFront it does mention how to set the headers on objects in S3 which is what I think you want to do.

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answered a year ago

In any Disaster Recovery Scenario prep procedure would required the DNS TTL and Cache TTL reset to 5 minutes. Most re-directional issue occurs between of the DNS TTL Cache.

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answered a year ago

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