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Move a IoT Thing to a different region


Is it possible to move an IoT Thing from one region to a different region?

We are using a pre-provisioning strategy to create consumer devices, configuring them at our factory with the IoT certificates. However, when we sell the devices we don't always know physically where they will end up, and which AWS Region they will be closest to. To get the shortest response time, would like each thing to be associated with the AWS Region it is closest to. To do this though, we need to move the IoT Thing, it's certificates, and policy from one region to a different region. Is this possible and if so how?

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Thanks for sharing your use case together with your query. That said, it is currently not possible to move an IoT Thing from one region to another. There would be a need to replicate these resources(Thing, certificate, policy) in the destination region as there is no option to transfer them to another region.

You can take a look at this AWS Solution for a guide in the replication flow. The use case is definitely different as this is for disaster recovery but you can check this out and see how the replication is achieved.

answered 8 months ago
  • Thanks, that helped a lot. After reviewing the source code to the Disaster Recovery project, I was able to use the function create_thing_with_cert_and_policy() to replicate an IoT Thing, with its certificates and policy, from one region to a second region.

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