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/Elemental MediaPackage MPD or HLS playback from middle/

Elemental MediaPackage MPD or HLS playback from middle


I have a requirement to play video from a position from where i left (store the position where I left) and continue to play from last position where i left. I tried multiple ways but non of them worked. Please someone guide me. I am having HLS and MPD url and using using elemental MediaPackage with CloudFront to stream the video.

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Hi there,

You can use the time-shifted viewing feature within MediaPackage to allow clients to join live streams that are already in progress or watch events that have completed. You enable this by defining a startover window on your endpoint, which can be up to 14 days old. The client then makes a request for the manifest that includes the start and end parameters in order to define the timeframe of the content. For your use case, you can save the time when the client stops playback, and include this as the start time in the next manifest request. The formatting of the parameters will depend on the type of content that you're requesting. For more information on time-shifted viewing and how to format the parameters based on your content, please see

If you are using query parameters alongside CloudFront, you will also need to ensure that CloudFront is forwarding the necessary parameters to MediaPackage in order for time-shifted viewing to work properly.

answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks @Michael_L, for response. Actually i have recorded shows not live streams, so will this work for video on demand shows also, I try the things suggested by you and it worked for live streaming but not for VOD. If you can suggest some ways around.

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