Looking for Players which supports - Program and polling the tracking URL periodically


As per https://docs.aws.amazon.com/mediatailor/latest/ug/ad-reporting-client-side.html

  1. Need a player which can be programmed to poll the tracking URL Periodically
  2. I am not aware of such players which can run Manifest as well as it can poll URL
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1 Answer

If a customer chooses client side tracking this will necessitate custom development for each device/OS platform supported. The following blog outlines a Web example using Video.JS player which could be adapted to implement tracking polling also. https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/media/playing-your-ads-featured-content-with-aws-elemental-mediatailor-and-videojs/?sc_channel=sm&sc_campaign=Media_Blog&sc_publisher=TWITTER&sc_country=Elemental&sc_geo=GLOBAL&sc_outcome=awareness&trk=Media_Blog_TWITTER&linkId=101569000

answered 2 years ago

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