Lexbot not eliciting all slot values in conversation


I'm trying to automate the process of creating a lexbot that receives slot values and processes them in a lambda function. The creation of the bot and functions are completed and fine, when I check the amazon lex console, the bot has been created, the intents are correct and the slot elicitations are there. However, when I run the bot and type an utterance, the bot goes straight to fulfilment lambda function as opposed to asking for the other slot values. All the slots have the slot constraint 'required', I'm just not sure why they are not being elicited by the bot. I will attach the json response from list_slots below:

json response of list slots

Below I will attach images of the bot specifications from the console. slot values

shows the lambda function is called on fulfillment

Example of test output

I will also attach the content of the boto3 request I used to create the the slot in the first place. Example of the boto3 request used to create the slot

The following is an image of my intent, to show that the fulfilment code hook is enabled: Code that shows the creation of the intent

My question is, why is the bot not asking for the other slot values when all the configuration suggests it should do otherwise?

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Have you added any sample utterances or an initial response?

answered 21 days ago

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