How to migrate Lightsail instances from one AWS account to another


Could anyone please help on how to migrate Lightsail instances from one AWS account to another (if at all possible). In Snapshots, I could see:

  • Copy to another Region
  • Export to Amazon EC2 Enter image description here
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To migrate a Lightsail instance to another account is not quite straightforward as that utility is not built into the interface.

You can snapshot the instance, turn that into an Amazon Machine Image and launch that using EC2 on the other account. The only minus here is that you will not be using Lightsail on the destination account. You do expose all the 'nerd knobs' of the full EC2 experience. :)

If I were undertaking this I would do the following.

  1. Snapshot the instance.
  2. Export the snapshot to S3 -
  3. Turn the snapshot into an AMI -
  4. Share the AMI with the other account -
  5. Launch an EC2 instance with the custom AMI -

Hope that helps.

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answered a year ago
  • Thanks for the reply. While I can see Export to EC2 as an option, not S3. Is it that first it is needed to export to EC2 and then S3? I have exported to EC2. Now, it appears EC2 file needs to be stored as S3.

  • The file will be need to be stored in S3 during the migration.


While Lightsail instances have a clear monthly pricing, EC2 instances I guess will be pricey. Also, my experience using Plesk Web Admin edition on EC2 has not been great.

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answered a year ago

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