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Error when accessing Elastic Beanstalk environment Configuration


I deleted a subnet ('subnet-4da38573') and now I can't access Elastic Beanstalk environment Configuration anymore.

Error trying to access Elastic Beanstalk environment settings:
Configuration Validation Exception: Invalid option value: 'subnet-f7c6d9ab, subnet-23746644, subnet-8f9188a1, subnet-4da38573, subnet-4742e00a, subnet-42e5314c' (namespace: 'aws: ec2: vpc', OptionName: ' ELBSubnets') : Subnet 'subnet-4da38573' does not exist.

This error occurs in all our environments.

I checked if 'subnet-4da38573' still referenced in other services, but we couldn't find it.

asked 10 months ago46 views
1 Answer

Accessing the environments through "eb cli", I could remove the deleted subnet from "eb config" file.

answered 10 months ago

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