DMS Migration Error Azure MSSQL to AWS EC2 MySQL Server.


Hi Team,

I have an MSSQL database on Microsoft Azure, and I'm planning to migrate single table data from MSSQL Server to an AWS EC2 instance running MySQL. However, when I execute the migration task, I encounter the following error:

Last Error No tables were found at task initialization. Either the selected table(s) or schemas(s) no longer exist or no match was found for the table selection pattern(s). If you would like to start a Task that does not initially capture any tables, set Task Setting FailOnNoTablesCaptured to false and restart task. Stop Reason FATAL_ERROR Error Level FATAL

Kindly someone help me to how to resolve this issue.

Thanks, Krishnakumar K

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Have you checked this document?

The migration destination is Aurora MySQL, but the following blog may be helpful for setting details.

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