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AWS Lightsail - PTR & SMTP


Hi Guys

New to AWS Lightsail. I have created a WordPress instance with Lightsail. I need some help as I am new and not very savvy in this case.

The I have associated a static IP to the WordPress site and it is running fine. I am having some issue with email rejection and not sure why. Something to do with PTR and SMTP.

The domain is pointing to Office 365 Email using "Microsoft" Name Servers. Basically they are hosting the DNS records, from there the domain is pointing to Lightsail instance using and IP "A" Record. That is all. Now I just want to know if this cause any issues and or if I need to implement anything else also who to use PRT and where.

Appreciate any help in advance.


1 Answers

Hi Ben, Happy to try to help. Wordpress lets you send emails from it's own wordpress system, as well as leveraging an external SMTP address. Your Name Servers are running externally (which is fine), but if you are using Wordpress as your SMTP, I recommend configuring it with a plugin like which does all the heavy lifting for you. Usually you'll need to add a TXT record if I'm not mistaken, to your DNS rules. Let me know if this helps get you on the right track or not but I think this will be your simplest solution to have better results.

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answered 17 days ago

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