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handle SES feedback loop


Hi team,

I'm looking for the best option to handle SES feedback loop in AWS? We have to handle bounces and complaints.

if the user REPORT SPAM or if the email bounces (because you delete your email or the mailbox is full).

so we need to store feedback loop somewhere

Thank you :)

1 Answers


There are different ways using which you can handle bounces and complaints in SES.

Common methods to achieve this would be either via Notifications (Email feedback forwarding or SNS Notifications) Or Event Publishing (configuration set).

Please refer this document to see how you can handle logs in SES:

You can also store the bounce/complaints in CloudWatch logs :

You can also refer this blog to see how to handle bounces and complaints :

Please let us know if you have any questions on this. Thank you!

answered 11 days ago

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