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We have used Cloudfront in conjunction with a WordPress site for a few years. Page invalidations have worked fine in the past. But not any more.

As of today, if we create a new post, it is appearing on Cloudfront. So that's fine. However, users wouldn't be able to find it because the Home Page and all category pages are not updating.

We tried invalidating the pages (and whole site) but it still shows stale indexes. This puzzles us. We'd expect either: a. it to refresh and show the same updated page as displayed on the origin or b. if something is broken, to show the page as broken

If it's showing stale pages this implies it is not invalidating the page?

Yesterday we updated to WordPress 6.3. However, the origin works just fine. The issue is only on Cloudfront.

After this issue appeared we changed the WP plugin from the old AWS official one to the new WP Admin CDN. No change.

Any ideas? Anyone else having problems? Many thx.

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Did you do the following so that all caches can be deleted?


Also, have you deleted your browser cache?
It is also possible that there is some cache left on the origin web server, so please try restarting the web server.

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answered a year ago
  • Thanks so much for responding. I tried all this before and again following your email. And did not see any change.

    However, in the last 30 minutes or so it just starting working again.... And it is working properly as I tried another update on the origin and that propogated to the Cloudfront CDN.

    Which makes me suspect perhaps it was an AWS issue that was resolved. Maybe....

    Anyway. Problem solved. For now.


Hi There, I'm having the same issue but worse my CSS style sheets aren't rendering on CloudFront> Basically when I use my CloudFront link -, my website it not rendering properly, therefore unable to use Cloudfront now. Can you please help in determining why CloudFront won't render my static website properly?

answered 10 months ago

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