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/How to set "compressionType" property in Glue Table via CDK/

How to set "compressionType" property in Glue Table via CDK


I'm using a Table resource to create a Glue Table like so:

    this.glueTable = new Table(scope, `${props.glueTableName}`, {
      database: this.glueDatabase,
      tableName: props.glueTableName,
      bucket: props.bucket,
      partitionKeys: props.partitionKeys,
      dataFormat: props.dataFormat,
      columns: props.columns

I need to explicitly set the compressionType of this table to "none". I see there is a way to do it via the console, where we go to Edit Table, and then fill in the compressionType under Table properties.

Can anyone point me to the prop to use if I want to do it using cdk?

1 Answers

Latest Glue module(v2.12.0) supports compressed option when creating table.

answered 5 months ago

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