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I only see a max of 4 from the Nodes dropdown.
Does Redshift cluster allow having more than 4 compute nodes? Enter image description here

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Dear Customer,

By the screenshot I can saw that you're performing resize operation in Redshift:

In resize there was node limitation handled:

There is a command in elastic resize to determine how many nodes you can edit, which is why you can only see 4 nodes throughout the resize operation. Elastic resize: If elastic resize is available as an option, use elastic resize to change the node type, number of nodes, or both. Note that when you only change the number of nodes, the queries are temporarily paused and connections are kept open. An elastic resize takes between 10-15 minutes. During a resize operation, the cluster is read-only.

To verify if your cluster is eligible for elastic resize, run the following AWS CLI or AWS CloudShell command:

aws redshift describe-node-configuration-options --cluster-identifier <cluster-id> --action-type resize-cluster

If you like increase the node more than the elastic limit you can choose classic resize: Classic resize: Use classic resize to change the node type, number of nodes, or both. Choose this option when you're resizing to a configuration that isn't available through elastic resize. A resize operation takes two hours or more, or can take up to several days depending on your data size. During the resize operation, the source cluster is read-only.


How do I resize an Amazon Redshift cluster?:

Overview of managing clusters in Amazon Redshift:

How does elastic resize work in Amazon Redshift?:


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