AWS hosted site is down. Trying to recover data. Cannot find the account.



I am inheriting a GitLab instance hosted by AWS. The account went dark in the last month and I can't find out which account was responsible for hosting it. I do know that the DNS resolves to, that GitLab was not hosting it themselves, and that it might be GoDaddy reselling AWS or an internal AWS account which has not yet been discovered.

I spoke with AWS Customer Support and they said to post here and that they could not identify the account for me.

How can I find the account and get the data?

Cheers, Joe Gorse

  • That IP is from AWS GovCloud, if that helps you narrow down options.

    Amazon Technologies Inc. AT-88-Z (NET-160-1-0-0-1) -, Inc. AMAZON-EC2-USGOVCLD (NET-160-1-0-0-2) -

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That is an unfortunate response.

How would one report abuse done in your company's name if someone were to setup a fraudulent site on AWS? I would think that there would be a mechanism for identifying and forwarding the contact information to those who can prove ownership of the Domain and Company Name (DNS registry and Business Registration).

That there is not a way to do this seems like a serious issue.

Cheers, Joe

answered 2 years ago

In this case, AWS will not be able to provide the account number. You would have to know the account root e-mail address, see [] for tips. Otherwise I would urge you to contact the reseller/owner and work out access through them.

answered 2 years ago

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