Channel can't pull if Input type RTMP_PULL with url have access key.


We create a channel in media live service, our input type: RTMP_PULL. With test input, channel run success, but with another input have key to access, the channel can't pull the video. The url sources like this: rtmp://gg:1935/live/?key=Wr. The alert: RTMP Pull Reader failed to connect to input. How we can fix this issue?

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AWS Elemental MediaLive does not support user/key authentication in the RTMP PULL input. You will need to remove those in order for the service to be able to pull from the RTMP source.

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  • The source URL need key to access. If remove the access key in url, where I can config this key? I try using Credentials with userName = "key", and pass = keyValue but can't pull too.


Hi Hi Pedro_F

See below link for screenshot of my input source config Basically the RTMP source url required a "key" parameter to access the stream. When i try to load the url in a video player app like VLC, it's load properly, but when add the source to channel, it just thrown a bunch of error in alert section: Initial Probe is Taking Longer Than Expected RTMP Disconnected Video Not Detected Audio Not Detected

Is there any way i could add an RTMP input source with access key in URL like this ? rtpm://

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I created an RTMP Pull input in MediaLive in my own account using these steps:

  1. Identify public IP from which MediaLive will pull the source. Must include port 1935. It should also include the applicaiton name and instance for the source content (aka stream or stream key). Examples: rtmp://, application name: live, application instance: soccer. Obtain this info from your content provider.

  2. Open MediaLive Console.

  3. Navigate to Inputs.

  4. Click Create Input.

  5. Supply Input name, select input type RTMP (Pull).

  6. Specify Input Class (Standard_Input or Single_Input).

  7. The input source URL field should contain the items from #1 above. Example: rtmp:// If the upstream source system requires you to provide user credentials, enter the name and password key for accessing it. These will be stored in the Systems Manager Parameter Store. You may need to expand the Credentials section to enter the details. If this is a new username and password, select the "Create parameter" option which exposes a name and password field to populate.

  8. Add any tags you like.

  9. Click Create.

Once done, when the upstream source is running, a channel using this created input will utilize the credentials (if any) stored in the Systems Manager Parameter Store to initiate the connection. Do not place credentials in the URL. Instructions in our docs at the resource link (1).

Give this a go and let me know how you get on.

Thank you!



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