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How to determine reason why game session running forever?


I have create a game fleet and have some game sessions running on it. My game is running in open testing phase. For some reasons, sometime there is a game session that running forever, it doesn't shutdown. I don't know the reason because It doesn't shut down, so I can't see logs. Is there any one can help me with that problem? or is there anyway that I can manual terminate a game session in gamelift console or using terminal? for now I just can terminated all game fleet and start new one, but it's inconvenience. Thank you very much! Here is this game session's info: DNS name: Ip address: Port: 7908

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1 Answers

Hi InWaveStudio,

GameLift by default uploads game session logs every hour, and is provided to you via the GetGameSessionLogUrl API. If you have setup your log path correctly (via ProcessReady parameter), you should be able to see your game session logs there.

The quickest way to terminate your game session is by remote accessing your fleet instance and kill the process, see instructions. You might also be able to find the logs for your game session on the instance, especially you didn't setup log paths correctly or if your logs were truncated due size exceeding the limit for upload.

Slightly slower way is by setting your fleet's capacity to 0 instances (via UpdateFleetCapacity API), let all instances terminate, then re-spin up your instances.

answered a month ago
  • Thanks for your answer. I've set the log path via ProcessReady paremeter. But it seem like every game sessions all write log into single file at log path because when I open log file of some game sessions, it looks weird, sometime it has full log content, sometime it has just a part of log. Do I need to define log path for each game session to make it write correctly? ( like add game session id into general log path) ? Sorry for my bad English :D

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