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How to add condition in elbsg.config in ebextensions for elasticbeanstak


Currently, we use docker-compose and .ebextensions to update elastic load balancer security group. However now I have requirement to apply different security groups for different environment. How do I add the condition to elbsg.config ? Below is my current elbsg.config

  ManagedSecurityGroup: "sg-xxxxxx"
  SecurityGroups: "sg-xxxxx"
  ManagedSecurityGroup: "sg-x"xxxx
  SecurityGroups: "sg-xxxxx"

Wondering if the normal yaml condition would works or there is a separate syntax for elbsg.config to work ?

1 Answer

You will likely need to have a separate bundle for the new environment which has the needed settings in it, as there is no constructs for setting up a conditional option_settings entry. Similarly, the YAML standard itself does not specify any such conditionals, though some tooling (such as CloudFormation) has its own special syntax for this type of need.

answered 6 months ago

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