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Unity plugin for Gamelift failing to deploy


I am using the unity plugin for gamelift and it failing to deploy the sample cloud formations. When I look at the event log in the cloud formation rollout I see the following:

Resource handler returned message: "Error occurred during operation 'AWS::GameLift::Fleet'." (RequestToken: ..............., HandlerErrorCode: GeneralServiceException)

Now, the page for the AWS gamelift unity plugin does say that this can occur for scenarios 4 and 5 if you are outside of your service limit due to billing concerns. However, this occurs for me on EVERY sample cloud formation, and its on an account that has been paying amazon and is in good standing. Further, when I check the gamelift service limits page it shows that I am inside my limits for the types of instances in the cloud formation.

Any ideas on how I can get around this or what to do?

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1 Answer

Hello, have you additionally checked your fleet limits to see if you require a limit increase for the number of fleets in that particular region? If that doesn't turn out to be the issue, could you post the complete stack trace of the error so we can help understand what the issue could possibly be?

answered 3 months ago
  • I assume you mean the service limits that are here: ?

    I have what I assume are default settings which allow for up to two of most instance types. (including the ones that the unity plugin samples AWS provides uses) I have never changed anything here.

    Is there some other limit I am not aware of?

    I have not added my own logic to the aws gamelift unity plugin. I am using it exactly as provided.

    The error I provided is the only one. Until it hits "FleetResource" everything succeeds.

    This is the first cloud formation error that I see:

    2022-06-20 13:46:26 UTC-0400 FleetResource CREATE_FAILED Resource handler returned message: "Error occurred during operation 'AWS::GameLift::Fleet'." (RequestToken: 73f4a1f4-b7ae-55d6-0c96-92a14e636aac, HandlerErrorCode: GeneralServiceException)

    I would very much like to port my game to gamelift, but I am having a hard time getting past this part.

    I should also note that the only sample in the unity plugin that succeeds is the 'auth only' sample. But of course, I need an actual gamelift fleet to use with my game. :)

  • Ok, it took me a while but I managed to fix it.

    Somehow a fleet existed in an error state in my account, deleting it fixed this. It still seems weird to me that this was the problem though, 1 fleet shouldn't have caused everything else to get blocked. I imagine that it should have also been deleted when previous failures to start caused rollbacks.

    But I am unblocked on development now. Thank you for responding in a speedy fashion.

  • Glad to hear you're unblocked! Thanks for using GameLift. Please follow the below steps to reach out to AWS customer support, and they can help increase your fleet limit to help get unblocked for future development.

    1. Go to
    2. Select "Fleets per region". The value here should indicate what your fleet limit is in that particular region. This is different from instance type limits.
    3. Select "Request Quota Increase" and provide your new required limits.
    4. Click Request.

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