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/escape caracter in AWS glue/

escape caracter in AWS glue


Hi team, I have an AWS glue job that reads data from the CSV file in s3 and injects the data on a table in MySQL RDS Aurora DB.

The issue is all lines in the CSV file with escaped characters are completely ignored by the glue job and they are not inserted on the table.

For example on my CSV file the line containing this string is ignored by glue :

"Return "1" if the number is zero; "0" if the number is non-zero. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx."

how can I configure glue to not ignore those lines that contain escaped double quotes?

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I found a solution :

In the AWS Glue console => Tables, choose the table and edit Edit table details.

add this detail :

  • escapeChar, enter a backslash ().
answered 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago

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