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how to get details of security group


Hi, we would like to know is there any way to find out if the security group is in use or not or in short to which resource this security group is associated.we did tried to find out for example using aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces --filters Name=group-id,Values=<group-id> but this does not help us much.

Thanks Dilip

2 Answers

Hi Dilip.

This Knowledge Center article goes into more depth on what commands need to be run after the aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces command.

answered 11 days ago
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reviewed 10 days ago

Hello Dilip, This will definitely show you all the resources your security group is associated with aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces --filters Name=group-id,Values=<group-id> --region <region> --output json --query 'NetworkInterfaces'

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answered 6 days ago

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