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How can we find out when were the binary logs of a MySQL RDS instance created?


As we don't have access to the Aurora/RDS MySQL instance file system, I hoped there would be another way to know when a binary log was created so we can use mysqlbinlog utility to mine it specifically instead of going through all of them.

asked 5 months ago59 views
1 Answer

Hi, yeah currently I think there is no way to achieve the feature you mentioned due to the reason RDS is managed. Did a research as well, similar topic discussed from the community: --> For on-prem MySQL you will have filesystem access for last written time.

If you want this feature to be developed, I would suggest you raise a feature request through the RDS console:

Navigate to the left lower corner of the RDS console page --> Click Feedback --> For the drop down choose "Feature request".

answered 5 months ago

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