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Can I see and move the actual content of data (Files& Folders) stored on Virtual Tape and move to S3 Storage to spin the EC2 using vmdk file


Hi All,

I am very new to AWS tape gateway. Please bear me.

I am storing the data to virtual tapes using tape gateway in my environment.

All the data, I am storing is ".vmdk" format files and regular files and folders of VM's C and D drives content.

My questions are:

  1. Is there any way to access and browse the required content stored on virtual tapes. ( I checked it from AWS console, I can't see it).

  2. Is there any chances to move the data from tapes to normal S3 bucket ( AWS Simple Storage) and browse the required content? If so, please share the any links documentation OR Steps.

  3. How to spin an EC2 instance using vmdk file stored on the tapes in case DM scenarios?

Please suggest me. Thank you in advance.

1 Answer


Tape Gateway enables you to replace using physical tapes on premises with virtual tapes in AWS without changing existing backup workflows. Since backup applications use their own format when writing tapes, you cannot access a tape's content until it is restored to the original backup application. Below is a link to the list of currently supported backup applications on Tape Gateway:

Depending on your use case, you may consider using AWS Backup for VMware workloads, see below link for more information

Please feel free to file an AWS Support case if you have any further questions at below link:

answered 9 months ago

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