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Hello, I'm trying to create a distribution on Cloudfront and S3 and use a domain outside of AWS, with route 53 I can use my domain without problems, but my question is whether it would be possible to use my domain without using Route 53. on the site that hosts my domain, since I don't have ns, it's like something is missing. I can manage to configure the cname from the certificate generated in ACM, the txt and the alias that points to the cloudFront, but I could not configure the ns. So, is Route 53 fundamental in this process?

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Hi Denise,

Route 53 isn't mandatory at all to use CloudFront. You can use another DNS provider like CloudFare or Godaddy or any other. For example here is a guide using CloudFare DNS.

You need to define your domain, create a certificate in ACM and associate it with cloudfront, and then with your DNS provider point the CNAME to the cloudfront distribution.

Hope this helps you!

answered a year ago
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Yes, I've done all that and it didn't work. I think the problem is with my DNS provider, because in AWS everything is ok, the certificate... But I wanted to have a confirmation that it was indeed possible. Thank you very much!

answered a year ago

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