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Importing GoDaddy cert to Cert Manager results in "Unable to parse PEM"


I have cert recently renewed by GoDaddy. I downloaded the cert package from GoDaddy, but I am unable to import to Cert Manager. I upload the cert pem file, the GoDaddy bundle file, and the unencrypted private key, but it always results in "Unable to parse PEM". I have followed the instructions at I have tried the cli, as well as the console. The PFX I created from this cert is installed and valid on a good number of web servers. I've pulled apart the PFX with openssl, and tried to upload the cert and key from that also, but still get the same result. Has anyone else run into this? If so, what solved your problem. I should note, I've imported this cert to Cert Manager last year, and didn't have this issue.