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/Which foreign tokenizers does OpenSearch support?/

Which foreign tokenizers does OpenSearch support?



I'm trying to find documentation/information about foreign tokenizers supported by Opensearch 1.1. I'm aware that Opensearch supports several foreign language tokenizer plugins (such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Polish and Ukrainian. ref: I've came across ElasticSearch documentation of their supported built-in analyzer ( and I'm wondering if there exists such built-in analyzer for Opensearch as well. Or since ElasticSearch ver 7.10 is supported by Opensearch 1.1, is it safe to assume that Opensearch supports all those built-in analyzer mentioned in the above URL?

Thank you

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As OpenSearch is forked from elasticsearch 7.10.2, so all the built in analyzer and language analyzers supported with elasticsearch will be supported in OpenSearch as well. Other than inbuilt ones, you can refer this link for other language plugins and analyzer.

answered 8 days ago
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