Does moving domain hosted in Route 53 from one account to another also move dependent resources?


A customer has 3 domains hosted in a single account. They want to move these to three separate accounts.

According to the docs the correct procedure is to request this through Support, but this doesn't say whether dependent resources are also transferred. I'm assuming the answer is no, but need this confirmed. Here are the resources they want to know about:

  • CloudFront Distributions
  • SSL Certificates
  • SNS Subscriptions

I've advised them to try this out by setting up two test accounts with a test domain that is transferred between those accounts, accompanied by a CloudFormation template defining the other resources which depend on that domain . What I'm not clear on is how seamlessly those other resources could be adapted and recreated for redeployment in the target account.

Could someone with knowledge and experience of transferring a Route 53 domain between AWS accounts offer some advice?

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Accepted Answer

The services are independent of each other so it will not move dependencies for you. You will need to migrate each service over if needed. That being said a R53 domain in 1 account can still CNAME to a CF distribution in another. If they want to move the cloudfront distributions to a new account, they will need to remove the CNAME from the current distribution before adding it to the the new distribution in the new account.

answered 5 years ago

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