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Is anyone able to recommend hardware for the on-prem end of a Direct Connect that I need to commission? Needs to support 10Gbps and MACsec. Needs to have at least 6 x 10Gbps SFP+ ports. Needs to be in stock and available for purchase in the UK despite ongoing supply chain issues for network equipment vendors. Thanks.

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AWS recommends connecting from multiple data centers for physical location redundancy. When designing remote connections, consider using redundant hardware and telecommunications providers.

Additionally, it is a best practice to use dynamically routed, active/active connections for automatic load balancing and failover across redundant network connections.

Provision sufficient network capacity to ensure that the failure of one network connection does not overwhelm and degrade redundant connections.

There is no recommended or flagship hardware as per AWS !! Any hardware that suffices the minimum requirements, as you mention above can be connected using Direct Connect.

Additionally, what you can do is, reach out to your Data Center/Lab team regarding the best hardware to use as per the on-premise requirements.

Hope this helps !!

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