unable to connect to my instance !


Hello, please I want to ask if there's any solution to activate the interface connection on my instance, I disabled it by mistake when i got a connection issue, then the instance disconnected and I can't connect to it anymore! please anyone can assist me to resolve the issue?

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1 Answer
  1. Stop the broke instance
  2. Detach the root volume from broke instance
  3. Spin up an another new instance that you can log in to (it has its own root volume)
  4. Attach the root volume of the broke instance to the new instance
  5. Mount the the volume to the operating system of the new instance
  6. Fix the mistake
  7. Stop the new instance
  8. Detach the broke instance root volume from the new instance
  9. Attach the broke instance root volume to the broke instance
  10. Boot the broke instance.
  11. Broke instance now fixed instance
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answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you, I'll try it right now, I appreciate

  • Hey, please can you come to resolve the issue for me? i can't attach the volume to the new instance, I saw it needs to be the same zone but I cannot find the availability zone.

  • Find out what subnet the broken instance is in, you can see this in the details of the ec2 instance. Click on the subnet-id, then you can see what AZ it is in.

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