Can Greengrass use a Lambda in the Core if needed?


I have an AWS Lambda running on my AWS Greengrass which is the same Lambda I have in the AWS Lambda Core. My question is whether or not I can use the AWS Core to scale my edge capacity horizontally if needed so.

My application is a machine learning application that runs on Greengrass in the edge inside an on-premise IoT server. Can I use Greengrass to forward the request/streams of data to the AWS core so it can use the same Lambda in the Core when the edge capacity is max out?

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Hi jaimedantas,

Could you tell us a little more about your use case and setup? A lambda function running on a Greengrass Core device can be made on-demand which runs when it receives work items and Greengrass runs multiple instances for it if there are more work items to be processed simultaneously. If your scale can be easily managed by the hardware for your IoT edge server(Greengrass Core), this will be may be sufficient for you.
Greengrass also provides the aws.greengrass.StreamManager component for data streaming use cases which you can use to stream data to cloud

Scaling lambda function horizontally in cloud when a single Greengrass Core device cannot handle the workload is not supported natively, but you may be able to route data/messages from the Greengrass device to cloud lambda function on your own or setup multiple Greengrass Cores on the edge to handle high workload.


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