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Amazon Workspaces Error: We can't sign in to your account


When I log into a specific AWS Workspace I get the windows error: We can't sign in to your account

The fix for this is to login to the account via safe mode... which obviously isnt possible via Workspaces. Is there any way that I can fix this (other than to delete the workspace and rebuild)? This happned after I made two changes:

Upgraded to more CPU/RAM Changed from AutoStop to AlwaysOn

I spent most of the day setting this machine up with the software needed, and I would hate to have repeat this (especially indefinately).

Any suggestions?

asked a month ago29 views
1 Answer

If you can't sign in to the WorkSpace, it has to do with either the credentials are not authenticating against the Domain Controller correctly (e.g. wrong password), or the WorkSpace has lost it's domain membership. Have you attempted a rebuild?

answered a month ago

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