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Hello, i have a website in wordpress and my hosting provider is AWS, recently i have tried to get ssl certificate for my website and for that i have set up my dns server in cloudflare, i have done with everything but it's more that 72 hours now, my website isn't been ssl certified yet, even i have configure amazon ses and smtp and everything is working fine. now i am fully confused, can anyone please tell me what are the errors that I could have made in the past while created ec2 instants and other stuffs in aws?

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Hi Saibal,

Please ensure that the required ports are opened up. If there are any firewall or NACL or Security Group in between. Check and make sure that they are allowing the required ports through.

From an external box, ensure that you can ping or nslookup to the external host that the wordpress site resolves to. Ensure that the right external IP address is mapped and NAT-ed.

If you want to test you SSL certificate, the following is a popular site which you can use to test your certificate installation.

answered 2 years ago
  • Alternate names not found in the certificate

    What does this mean?

    We were able to retrieve a certificate for this site, but the domain names listed in it do not match the domain name you requested us to inspect. It's possible that:

    The web site does not use SSL, but shares an IP address with some other site that does. The web site no longer exists, yet the domain name still points to the old IP address, where some other site is now hosted. The web site uses a content delivery network (CDN) that does not support SSL. The domain name is an alias for a web site whose main name is different, but the alias was not included in the certificate by mistake.

  • Hi Saibal,

    If you need more help with the SSL Labs website and its usage. You can check their documentation or some YouTube tutorials to walk you through.

  • thanks for your response, i get to know that my hostname ( does not match the common name ( so that's why the certificate is invalid for this host.

    Now, can you tell me how can i change this common name?

  • Saibal - to change the common name of your certificate you'll need to generate another certificate. There is no way to change the CN for an existing certificate without invalidating it.

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