No (Audio) Device Output / remote audio only



I have Windows Datacenter 2019.
I have a problem where I can't instal audio drivers to have (audio) device output.
I can only use remote audio but as soon as I disconnect the RDP my streming sound turns off.
So I tried a lot of different ways to turn on like in ”Service” play with ”Wondows AUDIO” but still nothing.
Also tried to install lot of different virtual audio devices like VB-cable, voicemeeter, realtek drivers, Aus drivers, morphVOX.
But non of it made a virtual audio output.
So is there maybe somehow I can switch this option on? Or whats going on with this RDP?
How have had this issue, can you give some tips?

asked 3 years ago937 views
2 Answers

I will maybe have a fix.
If yes I will update.
But still if someone already know, you can write it here.

answered 3 years ago

I know this is an old thread - But I recently ran into this problem --
The solution is to change the RDP client sound settings to "Leave at remote computer"

answered 3 years ago

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