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Failing to update tags on the `AWS::RDS::DBClusterParameterGroup` resource


We are having an issue with CloudFormation for the past 2 days. This has worked flawlessly for over a year, with multiple daily deployments, but all of a sudden broke.

We are getting the following error during the CF deployment:

Resource handler returned message: "Exceeded attempts to wait" (RequestToken: d5d4641e-a1ca-ad53-5eb2-64ac9b8d9863, HandlerErrorCode: NotStabilized)

The following resource(s) failed to update: [DatabaseWarehouseParameterGroupXYZ].

This is happening on a tags update for the RDS Parameter Group (AWS::RDS::DBClusterParameterGroup). Which makes no sense as it is a simple operation. It is just updating one value for another (build ID).

  • There have been no related changes to our infra.
  • We have tried this many times both thru the pipeline and manual local deployments over the last 2 days.
  • The timeout happens after ~ 20 minutes, which should be more than enough to update the tags.

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Hi @m0ltar! I was updating a typo error in my answer and maybe I accidentally clicked on Delete instead of Update.

Here is my original answer:

I just tried a simple CloudFormation template on my end with AWS::RDS::DBClusterParameterGroup resource and was able to update a Tag value successfully. By any chance, is your parameter group associated with any stopped DB cluster?

Glad this helped!

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answered 19 days ago
  • Thank you, joahna! You nailed it with the "stopped DB cluster" comment!


Good call, @joahna! Indeed, we had a stopped clone of a production instance that was sharing the parameter group. This was not obvious from the CF resource list, as the clone was not part of the stack. Thanks for the tip!

answered 19 days ago

I don't know why, but @joahna's answer is not visible anymore after I refreshed the page.

answered 19 days ago

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