Returning multiple responses for a query using Textract


I am trying to use Textract to analyze legal documents and I have an issue with the query system. There are multiple attorneys listed on each complaint and I am trying to get a list of all of them as well as all their State Bar Numbers. Unfortunately, I can only get Textract to return one per document. Is it possible to get more than one response for a query?

As an example of the documents I'm working with, I am trying to extract the attorney information which is on the top left of the document at this link. As you can see, there are two attorneys, (Carney R. Shegerian, Esq. and Anthony Nguyen, Esq.) along with two State Bar numbers, (State Bar No. 150461 and State Bar No. 259154.)

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Are you using the console or the SDK?

answered 2 years ago

See the following example to retrieve key value pairs from a form:

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answered 2 years ago

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