cdk or cloudformation for Billing and cost management - Data export


I need a way to be able to detail cost and usage data from an account.

Is there a CloudFormation or cdk for creating a Billing and cost management data export. data export


Is there a way to pull the detail cost and usage data from an api for an account

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Hello Josh,

There is a new Billing and Cost Management feature that enables you to create exports of your billing and cost management data using SQL column selections and row filters to select the data you want to receive. Exports are delivered on a recurring basis to an Amazon S3 bucket for use with business intelligence or data analytics solutions.

If you have CUDOS setup, you can also setup alert notifications and reports sent to your email through the Quicksight Interface. Take a look at the following resources:

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answered 7 months ago
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  • I am looking to see if there is cdk to cloudformation support to setup data exports

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