What is the simplest way to deploy a build in AWS?


I have come from an Azure background where builds would be automated and then when your ready you can browse through the build history, find the one that you want to deploy and hit the release button, after which you choose the environment where you wish to deploy to (Test or Prod). I have just begun my AWS journey and I can't find anything that simple for deploying an already built build. I have read the Console approach in this article https://docs.aws.amazon.com/codedeploy/latest/userguide/tutorials-windows-deploy-application.html but it seems a little convoluted. You need to go to CodeDeploy, then select your application, then choose the environment (Deployment Group), then somehow you need to know which artifact in the S3 bucket is the one that you want to deploy. The article suggests going to S3 which feels unnecessary. I'm sure I must be missing something here. I am aware of CodePipeline and I use that for automating the build part of the process but don't want the auto deploy.

  • What kind of apps need to deploy on AWS? Fronted? maybe for that reason you read that before on the tutorial.

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