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Hi, today I wanted to see the size of one of our buckets, I was browsing the console from mobile and saw that for that bucket, the metric tab was unavailable, I supposed that I had to check again from the desktop because the bucket was unused for a bit of time and maybe use the CLI.

So I logged in to the console from my desktop, and the bucket is not available anymore from the list. It disappeared. I already searched for possible solutions but didn't find any helpful answers, I'm sure I did not ask for a bucket deletion.

Do you have any possible solution?

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Have you accidentally deleted your S3 bucket?
Also, are you accessing a different AWS account than the one that holds your S3 bucket?

If you have deleted an S3 bucket, you may be able to find the deletion history by searching for "DeleteBucket" in CloudTrail's event history.

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answered 7 months ago
  • Can I view S3 bucket information by running the following command using the AWS CLI? If S3 is displayed as a result of the command, there may be a bug in the console or it may not be loading properly.

    aws s3 ls
    aws s3 ls s3://your-s3-bucket-name

Thanks for your answer! I'm pretty sure I did not delete the bucket. I also was on mobile, so I think it's even challenging to do it (correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no simple "delete" button in the UI). The account is always the same, I can see the other 12 buckets, I use this account since 2016. What I have done:

  • open the dashboard from mobile
  • navigate to the bucket
  • check that the "metric" tab was not available
  • back to the list of buckets, the bucket is gone

I don't have cloudtrail

answered 7 months ago

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