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Sharing Access to External Parties in Workdocs specific folders


Hi all,

I work in Tax Compliance and on a daily basis we need to share huge files (xlxs, pdf, etc) with our 3P Audit Teams (external) but Outlook has a limit of attachments for 20mb. That way we would like to use a specifc folder in Workdocs to share files with external parties (our External Auditors).

PS: The idea is for them to be able to view, download and add files into this folder.

Is there any guide or step-by-step on how to do that? Creating the folder Giving them access/Registering them into Workdocs

Thank you very much in advance.

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I would recommend to create the access for individual persons. This way you can block access for individual users, e.g. if an employee of your supplier leaves the company. It also allows you to attribute log entries to the person that caused them.

You would start by collecting a list of email addresses of the people you want to invite to your workdocs deployment. This has be done by a Workdocs Administrator:

If you assign these users the role "Guest users" no costs will be induced, but they can only view the data that you share with them. If you want them to commend / update / create files you need to grant them the "User" role, which is a payed user type (currently 5 USD/month):

After that I would recommend to create a folder structure by external party. On this level you can create the necessary permissions for the invited employees of that company. This will be inherited by every subfolder and file that you create:

answered 4 months ago

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