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My AWS account nr: 553228681532

I use AWS as a host for like 2-3 months. Previously my website - was working, but yesterday it suddenly stopped working (there's no connection). my conversation with support

Above screenshot shows my conversation with AWS support saying that instances are running and for more-in detail investigation I need to contact technical person.

So please, can someone provide a sulotion? What may be causing the issue?

---> Update (message from my developer) i have run some tests on my local environment.. Even if backend is not running frontend should be working atleast. if you get to server support. please ask them to check server logs. apache should be running for backend and npm for angular. tell them not even is working. /var/www is the root path

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Great that AWS Support confirmed that your instances are running as this makes troubleshooting easier.

For further investigation, please refer this article that could help get to the root-cause:

answered 2 years ago

I checked with this, it shows the port is not opened. I can see that is pointed to ( So, need to verify if 1.Apache server is running correctly, 2.the port in the security group and the instance firewall (UFW), and 3. correct IP.

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answered 2 years ago

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