Flexmatch cannot put a player back in session



I am using flexmatch in automatic backfill mode and encounters a problem in the following situation:

  • A player is put in a game session through matchmaking
  • the player leaves the session (and thus triggers a call to RemovePlayerSession)
  • the player then restarts the matchmaking process ( which triggers a call to StartMatchmaking in our backend )

I expected the player to be put back in the same game session but Flexmatch creates a new game session. Is there a way to change this behavior?

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Hi! StartMatchmaking will match backfill tickets against all tickets submitted using StartMatchmaking. It's not necessary that the same ticket will be matched to the same game session it was previously a part of. What I'd look for as part of auto-backfill is if the open spot was matched to some valid player.

If you're using managed GameLift hosting you can potentially try using CreatePlayerSession to reserve an open slot for the dropped player before backfill finds another player for the slot.

Thanks, Shashank

answered a year ago

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