Scheduled tasks are not executed



I try to execute an ECS task every night for copying some data. My configuration is very simple: Screenshot of my scheduled task

If I look at the metrics in CloudWatch, the task is successfully invoked: Screenshot of the metrics of the task

But when I look at the logs in CloudWatch, I only see my tests¹ (2021-12-16 at around 3PM UTC+1) and the first nightly invocation of 2021-12-17 4AM UTC+1. I don’t see the next ones (2021-12-18, 2021-12-19 and 2021-12-20). I can confirm that no data were copied these days. Screenshot of the CloudWatch log stream

Why my task is not executed every night? What I am missing?

1: for the tests, the task was scheduled to run minutely (cron(0 3 * * ? *))

1 Answer

I can assume that there are some pbs with starting container, so app logs are not written. Probably image defined in task definition is not accessibly or container can't start or smth like that. Can you try to start it manually now? Can you try to check stopped tasks in your cluster?

answered a year ago
  • I can create a service using the task definition and start the task without a problem. AFAIK, we don’t have any issue to pull the image from the repository (we do multiple deployments per day through a CI/CD).

    And this night, the task was successfully executed, without any change to the infrastructure :shrug:

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