Unreal GameLift Depoloy EC2 Fleet Error



I'm using Unreal, and trying to deploy an EC2 fleet from the plugin. I've filled out the profile, selected deployment scenario (FlexMatch fleet), and set the game parameters (double checked them).

When I get to the Deploy scenario, I'm getting the following errors in the output log:

GameLiftCoreLog: Error: Native log message:
GameLiftCoreLog: Native log message: [@65316]~ Hash is changed for D:/Builds/ProjectName/WindowsServer or for D:/Projects/ProjectName/Plugins/GameLiftPlugin/Resources/CloudFormation/extra_server_resources GameLiftCoreLog: Error: Native log message: Unable to initialize C:\Users\elie_\AppData\Local\Temp\gamelift_game_server\main/WindowsServer_uHl0dfn.zip GameLiftCoreLog: Error: Native log message: Unable to perform on game server hash changed for WindowsServer GameLiftCoreLog: Display: Native log message: [00000259A47A4850@65316]~ GameLiftFeatureResources() GameLiftCoreLog: Native log message: [00000259A47A4850@65316] AwsApiInitializer::Shutdown(): Not shutting down - 4 GameLiftCoreLog: Error: GameLiftAccountUploadGameServer failed with error: GAME SERVER ZIP INIT FAILED GameLiftPluginLog: Display: Deployment failed

Any idea what the issue is or how can I debug it?

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1 Answer

Hi Elie,

The error you are seeing can happen when the build output contains extremely large (>500mb) unnecessary files. Some example unnecessary files that are likely in your build include debugging symbol files (.pdb), possibly deep in one of the folders. Please try removing any large unnecessary files from your build to see whether that fixes your problem.

answered 3 months ago
  • Hi Shaun,

    I have the same issue as Elie. I understand that you recommend removing extremely large files. Problem is, that when using the same step to Deploy a build to Windows Server 2016, the deployment will work, even though the build contains a 1,6GB .pdb file. So this issue can't be caused by extremely large files. This error seems to only happen for Linux errors. Could you please check this out?

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