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how to Configure EBS to run npm install


I have node.js application I want to deploy to ebs, however I have two package.jsons for the client and the server. My Idea is that I want server to simply serve the built version of the client.


I was having a hard time finding in the docs if there was a way to configure the npm install command so it would first run the two installs in each sub directory.

I have nodecommand.config that will start the server ie:

    NodeCommand: "(cd server && npm run start-prod)"

is there a way to do this for the install as well?

asked 7 months ago93 views
1 Answers

You can check this one -

NodeCommand: Command used to start the Node.js application. If an empty string is specified, app.js is used, then server.js, then npm start in that order.

answered 7 months ago

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