S3 replication buckets from 2 regions


I have lambda function in region X and I have s3 bucket in region x and region y. the lambda create replication rule for those 2 bucket (from region x and region y). the lambda role and replicate role has policy to all actions in s3. currently the replication code in the lambda failed with access denided . which policy need to be on bucket in region x and bucket in region y?

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Can you share a little bit more about the use case? Why are you using a lambda function for replication and not just the native S3 replication feature?

David C
answered 14 days ago
  • because it for our automation when we add new region, we would like that all the bucket services will mark as replication of master region.

  • Please take a look at this blog that explains how to give a lambda function, cross region and cross account access to S3 Buckets.

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