Unable to attach custom (Cloudflare) ssl certificate - "not issued by a trusted Certificate Authority"


I'm attempting to attach a Cloudflare origin server ssl certificate with a Cloudfront distribution. I've tried importing (and re-importing) the certificate body, private key and certificate chain into us-east1 and ACM seems to recognize it: ACM message

It is also appearing in the custom ssl certificate dropdown when editing the distribution settings. But I can't seem to save the distribution - getting "The certificate that is attached to your distribution was not issued by a trusted Certificate Authority." Would love any suggestions on something else I could try.

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Hi tomeast,

The error "The certificate that is attached to your distribution was not issued by a trusted Certificate Authority." has the following definition: Indicates that the certificate wasn't issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA). Issue a certificate from a trusted CA for CloudFront to allow you to use an alternate domain name (CNAME). If your current CA doesn't support this, you can use ACM to issue a free valid certificate. Note: Self-signed certificates aren't supported.

That said, I would double check that you are importing a correctly generated certificate from a authorized CA

If you double checked everything it's alright, open a support ticket as it would seem a bug or something else is amiss.

answered a year ago

I got same error message and problem was that I was missing intermediate certificate from certificate chain of the imported certificate.

answered a year ago

@tomeast hello did you solved this?

answered 9 months ago

Hello any update to solved this? I got same error when need to add Cname on my Cloudfront distribution

answered 4 months ago

Suppose you are using Cloudflare and have created an ACM (AWS Certificate Manager) via Import Request to create a certificate. In that case, it may not attach to Cloudfront as it will not be issued via a trusted Certificate Authority.

To resolve this issue, you must own the domain ownership and request a public certificate which you can request from the ACM dashboard. Then, add the CNAME name and CNAME value to your domain records.

If you own the domain inside Cloudflare, add the CNAME name and CNAME value records inside your domain name records. Wait for 1-2 minutes to verify the ownership. Once your records are verified, the ACM will issue the certificate you can use with Cloudfront.

ACM Cert Request CF Record Creation

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answered a month ago

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